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Web Design / Redesign

In creating a design, Water Drop Designs considers your needs as the client as well as the experience of visitors to your website. We work directly with you to develop a site design that meets your needs, compliments your organization’s identity, and provides the website user with a pleasing experience. Our web design solutions vary client to client, but our most popular solutions are as follows:

  • Template
  • Custom
  • E-Commerce
  • Blog
  • Forum / Message Board
  • Flash Sites
  • Photo Galleries / Portfolio Sites

Website Evaluation / Review

Water Drop Designs offers the service of completely evaluating any existing website. Websites are complicated entities, and since they exist on different platforms and browsers for different users, our evaluation of your website will include a thorough inspection of all the elements you cannot see in addition to those you can. Some of the items included in the evaluation are:

  • Layout of visible elements on page
  • Color scheme / logo and identity
  • Review of text content as it pertains to your target audience
  • Code standards, including accessibility for disabled users of your site
  • Inspection of code for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Cross browser/platform checking
  • User experience / user interface / navigation

Website Maintenance / Website Analytics

Water Drop Designs can provide maintenance services for your website. Websites should be dynamic since they exist on the continually changing World Wide Web. A website should regularly be updated and maintained in order to draw the largest audience and to stay relevant, to both users and search engines. In addition to typical content updates, maintenance can also include regular site backups and regular installation of necessary security patches where necessary.

In addition to updating your content, we can also provide regular website statistics which report traffic metrics and other analytics to help you measure your website’s effectiveness.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a website customized for your organization or business which allows you to easily and regularly manage and publish your own website content. Water Drop Designs can customize a Content Management System (CMS) for you based on your requirements, so that you get an attractive and useful design as well as the functionality of a pure CMS.

Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Hosting is simply providing a place for your website to reside. Water Drop Designs offers reasonable hosting solutions tailored for your expected traffic volume. We can also work with you to determine an appropriate domain name for your online presence, which can be particularly challenging for startups.

Hosting and domain name services are typically packaged with a website design or re-design, but we can offer these separately as well, or even with a blog, forum, message board, photo gallery, or other unique site you own or wish to create.

Bilingual and Multilingual Sites

Water Drop Designs can create a custom website for your organization that will appeal to a larger audience speaking multiple languages. Rather than create side by side columns of the same content in different languages, we offer a solution where your website is duplicated in multiple languages with the same design.

Whether you want a bilingual site or wish to appeal to an international audience using multiple languages, we can provide you with a design and structure that will fulfill your needs. We can use your content translations, or we can provide translation services so you can present your content in multiple languages.

On-site Website Photography

In order to provide you with a website that connects with your customers, Water Drop Designs offers on-site photography. We capture your organization in photos so your website audience has a more intimate experience.

For E-Commerce sites, we take professional shots of the products you’re selling so that you can present them on your site in an attractive manner.

Our on-site photography is tailored for website use, but can be used for your traditional marketing needs. We give you digital copies of all original photographs and you have full rights to their use.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We at Water Drop Designs can help you target your website to a desired audience. We make additions/modifications to your existing site in such a way as to enhance both the quality and volume of your website traffic.

The existing layout and structure of your website does not change as we manipulate back-end code and highlight keywords in your site with the goal of marketing your site to particular audience categories. Typically, we suggest subtle changes to visible content of your site, but the primary goal of SEO is to enhance site visibility to search engines.

Online Marketing Tools

Water Drop Designs can provide you the tools to implement an e-marketing strategy that integrates with your traditional marketing plan.

We can get you started with a professional email marketing campaign, provide you tools to create online surveys, and connect you with your customers and clients using powerful social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We offer many other marketing services as well, including getting you listed in local online directories, placing your business on mapping services such as Google Maps, setting up an online presence on third party sites such as YouTube, Yelp, Wikipedia, etc.

Content Creation / Copywriting

Do you want a website makeover or a new design but don’t know what to say to your online audience on your new site? Water Drop Designs offers copywriting services, where we create your content for you.

We find out what you do, how you do it, and who your target audience is; then we write original content for your site. Not only will your website content reflect your business or organization, it will be highly visible to search engines. Your site will organically move up in search engine rankings for your target audience.

We can also create graphic content for your site using your images or photographs, professional photographs that we take, or via customized graphic creation by one of our professionals.